KEAROSE - Black Collection

KEAROSE - Black Collection


A bold statement candle designed for lovers of luxury and contemporary sophistication. Hand crafted in New Zealand, triple scented with a double wick.

Bask in up to 80hours of aromatic indulgence.

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Black Raspberry

The fragrant splendour of raspberries, black raspberries, plum and mulberries offer a deliciously sweet scent that is softened by the cashmere notes of black vanilla and entered with a grounding base of vetiver and almond.

Coconut and Lime - SOLD OUT

A scent that smells like summer feels - light, airy, fresh and breezy. A refreshing fusion of zesty citrus, creamy coconut and smooth Tahitian vanilla invigorates and uplifts

Strawberries and Champagne

Nothing says style and sophistication like strawberries and champagne. This sparkling scent, with enchanting notes of wild strawberries, orange blossom, and sweet guava is rounded with the soft floral of yellow rose and the creaminess of French vanilla.

Cuban Spice and Patchouli

A rich, masculine blend of patchouli, spiced musk and tobacco flower entices the senses and hints at an exotic intrigue that will have you captivated. With dense woody notes of cedar.

French Pear and Vanilla - SOLD OUT

Smooth vanilla and coconut tones are given a delectable lift with crisp French pear and a subtle hint of cinnamon spice and warming clove.