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KEAROSE - White Collection


KEAROSE - White Collection

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kearose white candle.jpg
kearose white collection.png

KEAROSE - White Collection



For admirers of elegance. For connoisseurs of quality.  Our bespoke range of pure soy, triple-scented candles are hand-poured in small batches from our studio in Wanganui, with luxurious natural scents sourced from around the globe. 

Indulge yourself in up to 45 hours of scented bliss.

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French Pear and Vanilla.

The perfect blend to entice and delight the senses.
French Pear & Vanilla is created with the combination of Madagascar vanilla, coconut and cinnamon with top notes of French pear,
Anjou pear and clove.

Black Raspberry.

Our opulent Black Raspberry scent has been meticulously designed to bring to life
a scent experience not soon to be forgotten.
A fruitful blend of raspberries, black raspberries, plum and mulberries sit on a base
of black vanilla, vetiver and almond.

Cuban Spice and Patchouli.

A woody, masculine blend of patchouli, spiced musk and tobacco flower
is combined with dense notes of cedar, Cuban spices, and smoked oak to create
this intoxicating, rich scent.
Masculine decadence at its best.

Pink Peony.

A lush peony flower embodies romance and prosperity, and this elegant
and alluring fragrance captures its full floral beauty, and all that it symbolises.
Combined with a heavenly blend of yellow jasmine, bergamot, green leaf
and African violet.