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New Drapes for Winter

Georgina Hopman

It is the beginning of Winter the days are shorter and heat is lost through our windows especially if the home is not double glazed. You rely on your window coverings to help protect against this to a degree. Thermal linings work very well and for extra warmth a layer of bumph between the fabric and the linings give a very luxurious feel to your drapes. 

Have you ever considered shutters? they are so versatile, they keep the warmth in as the window is completely framed, so it is harder for heat to escape. They have been used in Europe for many many years and are still fully functional. They give great privacy and sun protection.

If you were considering replacing existing window coverings we can help. We can also give you a free quote for complete packages on New Home plans.. 

Autumn Colours

Georgina Hopman

Fresh mornings are upon us, an extra blanket or Duvet is essential. Layering your beds with an extra throw, a textured cushion or two can make all the difference. Lovely European pillows add  structure and style to your bedroom, as well as extremely comfortable to rest on. A nice rug or hide on the floor can also give a feeling of warmth and adds interest .Lamps are nice in the bedroom they give ambience. and warmth. Great for reading and winding down.

The sun starts to enter the room more, so maybe protect your linen from fading by tilting blinds and shutters.But there is nothing nicer than waking up in the morning to the sun, enjoy the season.

Warming The Home

Sarah-Jane Stringer

It's time to start warming the home as the cold weather is approaching. A new throw, new cushions to give depth and interest to the room. Maybe there is a chair that is crying out to be recovered. Never underestimate texture, it completes the room and gives that finishing touch. 

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